I've written programs for various platforms, and other files.  There are several more to be uploaded when I get round to it, or when the next ice age comes, whichever is first.  (Place your bets...)


I'm fed up with the rampant Americanisation of the web, so my small contribution to its reversal is a program to convert American text to British spelling.  It uses a Deterministic Finite-state Automaton, constructed with my very own algorithm — but you don't need to understand (or even pronounce) that to use it.


TCR is a format for compressed text files, as used by several reader programs on various Psion handhelds.  (It's quite similar to the Palm DOC format, though with better compression.)  I've written programs to convert plain text to and from TCR.


Polar is an off-line reader (OLR) for the CIX conferencing system, of which I'm an active member.  It's for the Psion Series 5, 5mx, 7, netBook, Revo, and other EPOC machines.  It was started by Cornelius Mawby; I barged in soon after, and have gradually usurped coding duties.  (The design is still a joint effort.)  You can download Polar from the Polar home page, where the source code and previous versions are also available.  It's also discussed on CIX in the polar_olr conference.


I also had a hand in Polar's predecessor, CixEd.

Hymn Tune Index

I've compiled an index of hymn tunes.

Last updated: 2/Nov/2004.