Hymn Tune Index

I play keyboard and bass* in my church's worship band.  We use hymns and songs from many books, and it's easy to get confused between different songs with the same name, songs that are in several books but in different keys, hymns with several tunes, and different hymns using the same tune.

(*Not at the same time, obviously.)

So I've compiled an index of the hymn tunes in all of the books I use, with an entry for each tune of each song — 2,586 in all.  It's available as a CSV file which can be imported into your favourite spreadsheet or database, and as a Psion database file which can be opened on EPOC machines.  Both have the following fields:

Titleroughly in the form "First line (Capitalised Title)" or "First line (second line)".  I've tried to include enough to uniquely identify the song and hopefully jog my memory!
SoF #the number in Songs of Fellowship.  (The first book has numbers 1–640; 641–1150 are in Book 2; 1151–1690 in Book 3.)
SoF tunethe tune number in Songs of Fellowship, if there's more than one
SoFU #the number in Songs of Fellowship Update
MP #the number in the first Mission Praise book
CMP #the number in Complete Mission Praise.  (This has everything from all of the Mission Praise books, but with its own numbering scheme.)
CMP tunethe tune number in Complete Mission Praise
JP #the number in Junior Praise.  (The first book has numbers 1–300; 301–503 are in the second.)
JP tunethe tune number in Junior Praise
SH'99 #the number in Spring Harvest Praise 1999
SH'00 #the number in Spring Harvest Praise 2000
WS'9x #the number in my church's original Worship Songbook.
WS'01 #the number in my church's Worship Songbook 2001
Keythe key signature(s); some tunes are in different keys in different books
Composerthe writer(s) of the music, or source book
Tunethe name of the tune, if it has one
There's always room for improvement — please let me know of any mistakes or suggestions.


CSV file (zipped)92KB
Psion database file (zipped)176KB

Last updated: 3/Mar/2005.  Now includes all the songs in Junior Praise, along with many tweaks and corrections.

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